“Immediately hooked for life” wasn’t the outcome that Toronto native Steve Abra expected the first time he signed out a trumpet from his Grade 7 band class. After a handful of early piano lessons which abruptly ended when the teachers asked his parents to stop sending him, a life of music didn’t seem to be in his future. Evidently this time things were different, because from day one, Steve was head over heels in love with the trumpet and making music with other people.

He quickly followed that fateful band class with starting private trumpet lessons, and went on to study music at the University of Toronto, and then to do his Master’s in Orchestral Performance at McGill University. Although orchestral music has been a constant thread throughout his musical life, Steve has always been drawn to many different kinds of music, and has played with big bands, classical chamber ensembles, indie singer-songwriters, and recorded an album with a funk band.

Alongside his performing career, Steve is a dedicated and passionate teacher. Rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach, Steve is committed to meeting his students where they are in their musical development, and finding ways to use his knowledge and experience to help unlock students’ potential and bring their musical goals within reach. For some students, those goals might be learning Miles Davis solos, for others it’s Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto, and for still others, it’s something from their favourite show or movie soundtrack, and all are welcome and encouraged. 

As an active freelance musician, Steve’s performing schedule is as unpredictable as it is varied, but he also makes sure to find time for ultimate frisbee, home brewing beer, and bike rides by the lake.